In Celebration of Anna’s Life


21 years ago my dear friend Anna Haze was born, and 2 years ago, she passed away. She was 15 when I first met her. My first YA novel had yet to be published, and she was in the hospital, fighting for her life. I had a good feeling about this passionate, sweet, generous, silly, brave, strong, brilliant, beautiful young lady. She was much more than a fan, much more than a pen pal. During the 4 years I had with her, she shared her poetry, IM’ed with my boys and me, sent silly cards, celebrated not only every book launch but every good review or blog post to pop up on the internet, every touchdown the Broncos made, and the miraculous coming home of Elizabeth Smart. She introduced me to some amazing people, including her grandpa and sister, Kristin, Mubu, Chloe, Chelsea, Lizzie, and Farrah. The Anna Connection is so strong; every one of my friends and family know how very special she was, how even though she passed away, she is and will always be a huge and wonderful part of so many people’s lives. Happy birthday, Sweetie. Just think, now you can drink champagne legally! 🙂

To celebrate Anna’s 21st birthday, I’d like to share a poem she wrote for me when she was 15.

The Daisy

by Anna Haze

Do the faeries have a special love for a daisy?

That simple yet profoundly beautiful flower

that hides them during our cursory inspection

of a field covered with the little white flower.


Do we overlook a field filled with daisies?

Not seeing the individual flower

Being impressed by the magnitude

Of a snow-like covering.


Is that how we see people?

Ignoring the simple, the ordinary

Selecting what we believe is the extraordinary

Only to be mistaken.


There is beauty and grace

and intelligence

in the ordinary —

the responsible loving mother

Who conscientiously goes about her day

Without singular recognition,

Being content in the fact

that she has done a good job.

That her children are safe and growing,

That she has a little time for herself

squeezed into inconvenient moments

when she can think and write

and be grateful.


Can such a beautiful person

Who would make an orchid look plain

Be compared to a simple yet beautiful flower?


Her name is Wendy.

She is my friend and I love her.


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