Afterthoughts of a Haunted House Ghost

Anyone who knows me knows I love Halloween. I love the costumes, the parties, the horror movies played over and over on TV, the fall weather. This year, as part of a PTO fundraiser for Snowcrest Junior High, where my oldest son goes, I was invited to be a haunted house actor. So I donned the creepy costume and prop I’d found at a thrift shop, did my hair and makeup, and joined the other spooky characters in the haunted gym hall. My assignment? Pace around the Doll Room holding my doll, saying things such as: “Isn’t my dolly pretty? Please tell me; I’m dying to know. Do you think she’s pretty? I like to brush her hair. Can I brush your hair? You have such pretty, pretty hair.”

My costume for the haunted house

My costume for the haunted house

By the way people reacted, I’m pretty sure it scored points in the creepiness factor.

The haunted house went on for three hours. As I did my little act, I couldn’t help notice that all those who came through fell into 6 categories.

1. The Truly Scared. These were usually very young children, four and under, though I did hear that a ninth grade girl was Truly Scared as well. These frightened souls only made it to the first or second room and then had to be escorted out the way they’d come. I felt bad for these people, but I have to admit it helped spook those in line even before stepping into the hall, which was very cool.

2. The Screamers. These people enjoyed being scared and played it up as much as possible. As actors, this made us have fun, too. They screamed and laughed and clutched to their friends or parents. Those in this category are usually girls, though there were a few boys. Instead of screaming, the boys tended to yell things at the actors, like “Go away!”

3. The Silent Types. These folks walked through the entire hall without saying anything, their eyes wide, hoping to be ready for whatever is around the bends. This type crossed over all ages and genders.

4. The Too Cool to Be Scared. These people, usually boys and men, tried to figure out who was behind the masks and other tactics to prove to themselves that it wasn’t “real.” They tried to remain emotionless, but they were extra fun to try and scare.

5. The Protective Type. Usually parents, The parents smiled and made eye contact, silently begging the actors to tone it down for their freaked-out child. Understandable, as I am a parent too.

6. The Sweet Ones. All ages, all genders, usually people who are simply sweet. Even as they were being bombarded by All Things Disturbing, The Sweet Ones smiled and went with the flow and did exactly what they were told (by their Zombie Escort) to do. When I asked if I could brush their hair, they said yes.

So! Can you think of any other types of haunted house-goers? Which type are YOU? I am a Screamer. 🙂


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