First Annual Cabin ‘n the Words Retreat an Unforgettable Experience

Have you ever been looking forward to something so much that you’re afraid to even imagine everything going smoothly, let alone perfectly? That was me, before the First Annual Cabin ‘n the Words Retreat (clever name coined by Jay Asher). But as soon as the attendees began arriving last weekend, I could tell this was going to be something special, something unforgettable, something that will have to have a sequel or the universe will surely implode.

We ate great food, drank way too much Diet Coke and coffee, discussed the ups and downs of being an author, helped each other brainstorm, went on walks, rode ATVs, ran with zombies (well, Aprilynne Pike did!), and wrote A LOT. The local TV station dropped in to talk with us. Click HERE to watch the newscast.

Now that I’m home, I’m still basking in the glow of creativity, beauty, and friendship. And I’m a bit on the tired side, because during the retreat I was way too excited to go to bed at a decent hour.

Have you ever been to a writers’ retreat? This was my first, and after experiencing the awesome sense of community and productivity,  I am full of gratitude. I hope you will have the opportunity to attend a camp or retreat with likeminded friends. It was exactly what I needed!

Writing Time!

Jay Asher getting comfy while writing his next novel.


Writing on the deck

Allison Van Diepen likes to write on the deck


Kiki Sullivan getting the 2nd book in her new and exciting YA series ready for publication


Linda Gerber enjoying the scenery as she works on her incredible YA novel.


Authors Kiki Sullivan, Aprilynne Pike, Emily Wing Smith, Allison Van Diepen, and Linda Gerber share ideas around the table.


Aprilynne Pike and Kiki Sullivan getting their write on!


Linda Gerber and Emily Wing Smith writing outdoors


Kiki Sullivan, Jay Asher, Aprilynne Pike, Allison Van Diepen, Linda Gerber, Wendy Toliver, Emily Wing Smith

The First Annual Cabin ‘n the Words Retreat attendees enjoying the Snake River


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