Warrior Pride, and a Plea for Preserving Our Connections

I had the pleasure of going to Arapahoe High School with Cathy Cheng, and thanks to social media, we’ve remained friends through the years. I really enjoyed this post and am happy to reblog for my dear readers. Enjoy.

Healing Through Connection

My heart feels unusually heavy this weekend. Two years ago today a beautiful young girl named Claire Davis lost her life to gun violence and her schoolmate’s rage. It happened at my alma mater, Arapahoe High School, in Centennial, Colorado. It had been almost two years to the day after the tragedy at Sandy Hook, and not 18 months since the horrible theater shooting just across town, in Aurora. I remember thinking then, what is happening to us? How does this kind of thing happen so often, and what kind of pain moves people to commit such violence, against others and then themselves?

I remember high school with great love and (Warrior) pride. Classes were challenging but not overwhelming. Our volleyball team never had a winning season, but we had fun and learned teamwork. Our speech team, on the other hand, won consistently, and competed at State every year…

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