Job Shadow

Today I chose to job shadow my mom, Wendy Toliver. One of the things she asked me to do is a guest post on her blog, so that’s what this is and I hope you enjoy it.

She is an author, and she’s written a lot of books. She was recently hired for Disney to write books for the TV show Once Upon a Time. She wrote Once Upon a Time: Reds Untold Tale. When my mom got that offer we all flipped out in joy. After she finished she got to go to New York and sign books at Comic Con. She also goes to the Fan X’s and Comic Cons in Utah.

Some of the things she does I already knew but some I didn’t. Like how she tries to exercise every day. I think one of the best things about my mom’s job is you start when you want and end when you want. One of the bad things is you have to sit in front of a computer a big chunk of the day.

I don’t think this job is for me. Only because I can’t sit in one place all day. But if she didn’t write it would be tragic for the world. In conclusion, this job might not be perfect for me, but it is for her.


2 thoughts on “Job Shadow

  1. Is she writing more books based in Once Upon a Time? I just finished Red’s untold tale and I’m dying for more! Please let there be more! Just wonderful!

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