My Rose-Colored Glasses

Albert Einstein reportedly said, “I think the most important question facing humanity is, Is the universe a friendly place?” IMG_2546

While some people call my optimistic approach to life naïve, I truly believe wearing my rose-colored glasses is in my DNA. However, even I get down on the Universe sometimes. Sometimes, something so horrible happens; I worry and fear that the universe is not a friendly place.

A few weeks ago, a cat named Sage hobbled back to his Clearfield, Utah home with gruesome injuries that proved fatal. (HERE is the link to an article, but beware; it’s hard to stomach.) Even when the Humane Society and individuals offered a substantial monetary reward (at last look it’s $56k) for any information leading to the arrest of the person or people responsible for this heinous act of zoosadism, and local and national media shared the story, no one has been arrested yet.

How can I wear my rose-colored glasses, knowing that someone who tortured someone’s precious pet is out there, and may very well repeat it on another animal? Or, worse, on a person–or an entire group of people?!?! I not only took off my glasses; I put them in a drawer. And, I’m sorry to say, I left them there and forgot about them.

Another horrible thing happened, this time, to my family, personally. Trigger, our yellow Labrador retriever, escaped from our backyard with our husky. While the husky came home, it’s now been 6 impossibly long weeks, and Trigger’s whereabouts are still a mystery. No one is to blame, these things happen, and I know this story is not nearly as disturbing or agonizing as poor Sage’s. The reason I bring it up is, losing our sweet lab has given me a reason to dig my rose-colored glasses out of the drawer and dust them off.

Before we lost Trigger, I never realized there’s a whole community of pet heroes out there, waiting to don their capes and spring into action. The moment I started using social media and taped up flyers about our missing dog, general “What to do if you’ve lost your pet” and specific “I saw a yellow lab at the Maverick” tips began flooding in. Taking all the calls and answering all the texts and emails became a full-time job, thanks to all the good people out there, from Jeanie Wendell who runs ads for him in the local Ogden Valley News, to the Weber County Animal Services officers who are out there specifically looking for him as they’re working. I wish I could name all of the people who’ve opted to share photos of Trigger and taken it upon themselves to scour animal shelters and ads in the hopes of finding a stranger’s dog. It’s truly heartwarming. And, thanks to their efforts and genuine concern, I’m wearing my rose-colored glasses again.

So, Mr. Einstein, my answer to your question is this: Yes, the universe is a friendly place. Sure, there are horrible people out there, but I truly believe there are far more good ones. I hope that Sage’s humans can someday see that while what happened to him was senseless and beyond cruel–and we all wish it had never happened–it brought countless good and helpful people together in solidarity against animal abuse.

Thank you for reading. And if you have a pet, give it some extra love today. ❤


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